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E-marketing and SEO

Analysis of e-marketing web sites raises questions about what is the purpose of the page?, who will be the recipient? How content pages reach the target group. Each Web site before placing the first mark in the code is analyzed.

Additionally, we offer customers e-marketing long time service. We put page under continuous testing, inspection, check to introduce measures to translate the objectives and propose adequate solutions.

2 years warranty

Each web page by VisualTeam included is a 2 year warranty. If at that time occurred some defects, or other document of any non-compliance with the specification, we correct it as soon as possible and the time necessary to repair. Do not leave the customer alone. In addition, for the first month we provide telephone support. In the meantime, you can ask us about everything related to the website.

Free bonus

Websites created by Visualteam, attach the free Google Analitics statistics. This is a very powerful tool. To track site traffic. You can use these statistics to assess the client may have pages and content generate kontrachentów him the most. Which come from, countries, or parts of Polish. Google Analytics detail the entry and residence time on the division of the largest Polish cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, etc.


Customer Zone

Our customers throughout the design process and creating a website have access to a web site. There can check on what is the project execution stage. Have access to all documents of a party: the specification, designs, contracts, arrangements.

Here is an example timetable

Google friendly

The page itself is not enough today. Well when it is positioned by the professionals. Therefore VisualTeam instruct its customers the best search engine optimizers as in Warsaw and Poland. However well prepared site for Google, by itself, and the first place trafićn search. And with the help of positioning, with no problem. VisualTeam uses the following techniques to positioning

  •    Build-friendly links (which contain the names and departments, rather than just saying no numbers)
  •    Compliance with W3C standards sites. (simplifies code, and thus easier for Google reads a web page)
  •    The fields to set the titles and descriptions to Google. (Each sub-page should be different, your own title and description. This affects strongly the indexing in Google)

Easy to use CMS

CMS is a special sub-page, available only for owners of web sites. VisualTeam has developed a number of years VTcms CMS.

CMS is password protected access

Upon entry, we see a list of available sub-editing

After selecting the sub-editing click on the icon and we can benefit from professional page editor CKEditor

Our CMS is easy and intuitive to use. Our clients praise the ease of use and considerable potential. They draw attention to the ease of apprenticeship of a new employee to edit content on the website.


Each project is led by project manager. This manager takes care of scheduling, contact and information flow. Contract is negotiated dealer or an analyst. Manager, however, knows his team management and technical aspects. This division of responsibilities ensures higher than the standard level of performance.

.Every project team is working. The best designers, programmers, testers, coders and flash developers. Thanks to a fragment of the contract is a specialist in the field rather than an omnibus capable of everything a little bit, but nothing really well.

.Projects are carried out according to a specific and formalized procedure to refine for many years. Such prodcedure provides predictability and control over the process, so communication and the execution. With our procedure, we are proud. It's mostly a plus years of experience gained shows our professionalism.

Nothing is impossible for us
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